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#52: I Wrote 50k Words in a Month!

Hey, everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice November! Mine was pretty busy in all departments, but I'll try to keep it short this time around~

In case some of you were unaware, this past month I participated in National November Writing Month! I worked on my first fanfiction, and it's unfortunately not ready for public eyes to see JUST yet but hopefully by the end of the year (maybe?) Anyway, it was definitely a challenge, as I had to juggle time and other aspects of my life, including plumbing issues that are actually still not fixed... I hope everyone had a safe Thanksgiving <3

Other than NaNoWriMo and a slew of personal problems that demanded my attention, there isn't really much else to announce or touch on-- nothing that comes to mind anyway! I'll likely use December to revise chunks of the 50k that I wrote during this past month as well as doing more for The Wolfsbane Ruby, which I HOPE to actually continue at the start of next year~ Here's hoping! <3

Not much else to say except thank you! Thank you for sticking with this blog and reading it! I'll probably have a lot more to say next month, considering it'll be the end of December, the end of 2020, and I can reflect on this year as a whole-! Won't that be fun?

Anyway, thanks again for reading thus far! I hope to share any writing blurbs I can from my latest WIP~ Make sure you're following my Twitter account if you're interested in such sneak peaks!

I'll see you next month, everybody! In the meantime, stay safe and stay awesome! Keep spreading the word about my book! <3 And don't forget to subscribe!

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~ Fangs & Kisses ~

Rachel Joy