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#58: 'Spring' Cleaning & Hardcore Procrastination

Hey, everyone!

I hope everyone's May was productive! Mine in particular was-- in some areas, anyway...

To be very honest with you all, May was a total wash when it comes to writing and/or editing, I'm afraid to report! My personal life sort of took over, so a good chunk of this past month has been dealing with life at home getting progressively worse. As per usual, I won't go into detail, but just know that I'm TRYING to make time for writing, but it's difficult to focus with the *ahem* arguments cropping up on the daily...

Onto more positive topics! While I struggled to write, rewrite and edit this month, I DID manage to draw a whole lot! It was done mainly for stress relief, but I honestly don't mind~ I was able to draw my characters and get ahead in drawing references so I can prep for this year's Art Fight (which starts on July 1st, for those unaware) So yeah, producing art was a nice stress-reliever for the weekdays!

I was also slightly more productive in other areas as well; I managed to fix up this site (authorracheljoy) as well as a place where you can now find all my socials, linked both at the bottom of this blogpost as well as over on my main/personal Twitter (@RJCity95)

Last but certainly not least, my final update regards something I commissioned from a fellow author -- and cover designer! In short... they animated The Blood Diamond's book cover~ Check it!

Full Credit goes to Morgan Wright!

Anyway, I hope to see you all next month, when I'll HOPEFULLY have more to say and more progress to speak of! In the meantime, keep spreading the word about my book! <3 And don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on any future updates (which includes these blogposts)! Thanks for reading, everyone! Stay safe and stay awesome! <3


~ Fangs & Kisses ~

Rachel Joy