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#54: Your Reviews Give Me LIFE

Hey, everyone!

So... not much happened this month, I regret to inform you. In regards to writing especially... I seem to have lost all - maybe MOST - of my motivation since personal life has been begging for my attention during a good chunk of this month!

However, I hope to change that! Not just because said personal life should be calming down in the next couple of days (although the next week looks to be pretty busy-) but also because I'm going to take a small hiatus from social media in order to rewrite key chapters from the upcoming sequel! :) Here's hoping I stay true to that, yeah~?

Anyway, I guess my only spot of good news is that The Blood Diamond has been gaining steady sales - and more importantly, REVIEWS/RATINGS! Noticing that my book has another rating on Amazon, while slightly nerve-wracking at first, is genuinely an exhilarating feeling! I'm so glad people are enjoying my writing~ That alone should be motivating me to get around to writing for book 2, right? Right??

Not much else to say except... I hope to see you all next month! In the meantime, please stay safe and stay awesome! Keep spreading the word about my book! <3 And don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on any updates! Thanks for reading!

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~ Fangs & Kisses ~

Rachel Joy