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#48: A Rather Discouraging Launch...

Hey, everyone!

I hope you all had a decent July~ I've pretty much spent the whole month drawing art for the event known as Artfight, so obviously I haven't been writing much since we last spoke... but still! I hope you're all doing alright; hope everyone's being safe and healthy during this (still) crazy time in our existence.

I've also come to the conclusion that the launch for The Blood Diamond...

was a total flop.

And I can't be certain if it was my fault or... okay, maybe it's definitely my fault-! I don't want to blame my friends and fans, and I can't be completely sure if Amazon is hiding the Kindle Unlimited sales from my view (since they were pretty much FREE copies) But anyway! I really hope that, if you're subscribed to this blog, that you wish to support my writing endeavors! <3 And if you've already bought a copy, please don't forget to leave a review~ Even if it's a blend of both the positives AND the negatives, I want to know your opinion on my book-- and my writing in general! And - more importantly - I want new readers to know your opinion of The Blood Diamond! So please PLEASE consider leaving a review for my book if you haven't already <3 And buy the book if you haven't, of course!

So the lack of reviews and sales is one thing that made me title this blog (if that wasn't obvious enough)... it's just very discouraging, for me to promote my own book tirelessly, for Limitless to promote my book the best they possibly can... and barely receive any feedback in response. I apologize if I sound like I'm whining, but this launch was definitely not a successful one... and if it weren't for the fact that I have multiple books to put out for The Hunters Saga, I fear that I'd quit writing ASAP...

Back to more... happy topics, I wanted to showcase a couple of Artfight attacks I've received since the beginning of the month <3 Just keep in mind that you can see ALL of them in the gallery as we speak! I'm just showing off a handful of my current favorites~ (credits are linked, so if you click a picture, it'll take you to the artist's artfight page!!)

Just a reminder that Artfight isn't over yet, so the gallery will be updating every day up until the end of the event~

That's about it for this month's report... I guess I'll see you in August, everyone! Here's hoping I'll be in a better mental state when it comes to my writing </3 In the meantime, stay safe and stay awesome! Keep spreading the word about my book, by the way <3 And don't forget to subscribe!