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#47: Post-Launch CHAOS!

Hey, everyone!

So June has been a rather chaotic month! Both in regards to writing and publishing (The Blood Diamond's out on Amazon right now, if you haven't already heard!!) as well as my personal life... Lots of computer issues have cropped up since last Thursday, but I hope to change that today- as a replacement CPU has been ordered and should arrive later today (update: it ARRIVED while I was typing this out-)! I'm also lowkey prepping for Artfight (even though I hope to not take it quite so seriously this year- as it's given me so much stress the last couple of years that I've participated) but yeah! That'll be a focus for the next month or so~

Honestly, there isn't much news as far as writing/editing goes at the moment? Mainly because my book was just released and I want to give it some breathing room before starting the rewrite for book 2! That being said, I'll still try to write SOMETHING in the upcoming month!

Welp! I gotta continue getting the new computer all set up, so I guess I'll chat with you all next month! Hopefully, I'll have some fanart to showcase and more news/updates to share~ In the meantime, stay safe and stay awesome! Keep spreading the word about my book, by the way <3

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~ Fangs & Kisses ~

Rachel Joy