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#43: Back in Business, Baby!

Hey, long time no see, everyone!

It's been almost a full year since I last posted an update of any kind to this website. In case you weren't aware, I've since bought a domain so the site is now authorracheljoy.com! Other new news includes adopting Rachel Joy and ditching RJ City as my working pen name.

Developments in my personal life mainly consist of me taking charge over most (if not all) of the cooking and doing the weekly groceries - which are now bi-weekly groceries thanks to COVID-19. Speaking of, I hope everyone out there is staying healthy and safe! I currently live with my parents - both of whom are at risk - hence my insistence on taking over the shopping to keep everyone safe and healthy.

But enough about my personal life! You're here for possible writing updates, yes? No? Alright, for the handful of people who still manage to read these blogs of mine, just keep in mind that - from here on out - my blogs will be returning on a monthly basis; the last day of every month, to be precise. I believe it's been almost a month now since I signed on to a new publisher - Limitless Publishing for those who are curious. Ever since, I've been working hard with my editor and marketing team to get everything in order for FUTURE PUBLICATION!! I'm not sure if I can hint at the publishing date, but if everything goes according to plan, The Blood Diamond should definitely be out before the end of the year! Isn't that exciting?? I know that I've technically already published the first book of the series through my last publisher, but I've since managed to rewrite a good chunk of The Blood Diamond so at least there'll be new content for you guys!

I want to finish by thanking you for your patience, especially if you've been hanging around for the past two years. It took me a good while to get back into writing. I had to practically force myself to reach out to Limitless and send them my submission. But I did it, and I don't regret a thing. I'm so thankful to still have readers even after all of the waiting, delays, and just... overall, my radio silence for the past year or so! So thank you from the bottom of my heart! And if you're new here and you somehow found my blog/site on pure accident? Welcome! I hope you like what you see and decide to join me on this publishing journey!

I'll see you next month! Keep staying awesome and be sure to stay safe out there, everyone! <3

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

Rachel Joy