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#34: Good vs Bad Progress

Happy Sunday, little vamps!

If you're new here, welcome to my bi-weekly blog! This is the place where I'll be summing up any progress I've made in any and all aspects of my life, not just writing! And if you're a regular visitor to the site, welcome back! :)

Instead of reserving the personal bits for the end, I'm gonna get it over with here since I really consider it small (but still bad) progress when it comes to my writing/editing-! So!

This week was definitely better than last week; and somehow worse too. Instead of having a whole week and a half devoted to keeping my mental health in check and preventing emotional breakdowns, it was reserved to just this past weekend.

Isn't that just great?

Anyway, away from all that personal stuff that I don't feel like getting into at all, I'm super happy to reveal that editing is going surprisingly great! At this point in time, I've completely rewritten 2 chapters! And they're early ones in the manuscript, so it's important to get them right, don't you think? I know it's not much as far as progress goes but, compared to the last month or so? This is some GOOD PROGRESS. And I'm satisfied with it, too. Hopefully, I can write even more in the upcoming weeks (if my mental/emotional state remains stable, of course) so yeah!

This was sort of a shorter blog, but I wanted to get right to the point, and not have to drone about my toxic family life!

I'll see you all next time, little vamps~

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City

P.S. Since I won't be doing a blog next Sunday, I wanted to wish you guys a Happy Halloween! Have fun and eat good candy! I'm gonna be dressing up as one of my characters so remember to follow me on social media to see that!

Also, my birthday's on the 27th! Yeahhhh!


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