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#25: Breaking the Hiatus With a Sick Update

Happy Sunday, little vamps!

If you're new here, welcome to my weekly blog! This is the place where I'll be summing up my week in all aspects of my life, not just writing! And if you're a regular visitor to my site, welcome back! :)

So the last few weeks have been hectic enough for me to forsake my promise of uploading a blog every single Sunday but.. I had good reasons. Last week, I'd just returned from a long trip to California and I wasn't ready to talk about how much I'd neglected my manuscript. As for the week before that? I honestly had nothing to write about...

But oh boy do I have a lot to say now!

No updates with Barnes & Noble, but I remain hopeful. And if you follow me on social media (namely Twitter), I informed everyone that I'm just getting sick with - probably - a cold! Yes, it sucks, but I can still write! It just means that tonight's blog might be a bit on the shorter side. I really debated skipping tonight's blog and posting it tomorrow morning (like my Mom recommended), yet here I am!

I promise to have more announcements and stuff to catch you all up on next time around, and I appreciate the patience. I'm not even sure just how many people read these blogs of mine, but I'm still grateful for anyone that takes the time to do so!

Anyway, I'll see you all next Sunday, little vamps! I hope I feel better next week as well ^^'

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City

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