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#19: This Week is Gonna Be CRAZY

Happy Sunday, little vamps!

If you're new here, welcome to my weekly blog! This is the place where I'll be summing up my week in all aspects of my life, not just writing! And if you're a regular visitor to my site, welcome back! :)

It's funny; the title not only pertains to this upcoming week but also this past week as well! If you follow me personally on Twitter, you might've already known that I'm currently in California for a short-ish vacation of sorts~ Sure, my sister's graduation was on Friday and my family and I have been running around for about 5 days in a row now so you can imagine how tired I am currently. AKA this will be yet another short blog. (I always say that, but is it really true this time around? You be the judge!)

Anyway, so I'm graduating from college this upcoming week. It's not writing-related, but then again my blogs are always about my school life moreso than my writing habits so there's that! Thankfully, this means that my hiatus from social media websites, mainly Tumblr, will be OVER! And I can return to my editing and rewriting for my manuscript! I'll have a lot more time and effort devoted to The Wolfsbane Ruby and I honestly can't wait to get back to it! I might procrastinate a LOT, but I've also been having a lot of ideas for new scenes and stuff all week long and I'm just itching to integrate them into the next (and hopefully FINAL) draft!

Family-wise, these are probably better than ever! I haven't seen either of my siblings in about 2 years now, and it's so nice having the family spending time together <3 I honestly really enjoy it and I'm a bit sad that my vacation has basically ended.. my mom, dad, brother and myself are driving back home tomorrow morning so this "vacation" is pretty much done! Now I just gotta pack..

Hmmm... I don't think there's anything else to report, honestly! I know today's post/update in particular dealt with a lot of personal/life stuff that doesn't pertain to writing, but I really wanted to reflect on it more than I usually do :) I promise that I'll have actual book news in the upcoming weeks!

Alright, thanks for reading, folks!

See you all next Sunday, little vamps!

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City

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