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#18: Another Fanart Contest?!

Happy Sunday, little vamps!

If you're new here, welcome to my weekly blog! This is the place where I'll be summing up my week in all aspects of my life, not just writing! And if you're a regular visitor to my site, welcome back! :)

I'm doing this a bit later than usual, and it's actually because I've had a VERY busy weekend as far as preparing for a little vacation to see my sister for her upcoming graduation goes! Yeah, we're both graduating within a week of each other; isn't that crazy??

Anyway, nearly all of my energy from the week has been put into classwork (which I'm terrible at keeping up with) as well as art projects dealing with my original characters from The Hunters Saga :) I'm still technically on hiatus until the middle of May, but that doesn't mean I'm schoolwork 24/7! I have to wind down somehow~

Now. You've probably already noticed the clickbait-y title, yes? It's still a work in progress and nothing is set in stone, but I'm thinking of having another fanart contest, and the prizes will most likely be Amazon gift cards this time around~ (since I don't have anymore free copies of The Blood Diamond and gift cards are easier to give out!) Another thing that I'm (mostly) sure of is that the winner's entry will become the official banner art for the Facebook group for The Hunters Saga, aptly named The Hunters Haven (link down below) I'll probably have more information in the upcoming weeks, but I just wanted to throw the raw idea out there ;) Give you all some time to think about it.

I must go now! Classwork to get a headstart on! No places to go! No people to see! Just me and my... textbooks! I.. just can't wait for the semester to be over, quite honestly.

See you all next Sunday, little vamps!

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City

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