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#16: A Few Changes

Happy Sunday, little vamps!

If you're new here, welcome to my weekly blog! This is the place where I'll be summing up my week in all aspects of my life, not just writing!

Man... Sundays just LOVE to tire me out, don't they?

I'm going to keep this week's entry pretty short because 1) I have little to actually talk about and announce and 2) I'm extremely exhausted right now.. to the point where I wanna just curl up in bed and sleep for a hundred years. Wow, I'm just so tired!

Anyway, off-topic. I'm here to talk about my writing and progress! Right?


Unfortunately, as the semester draws to a close, my classes are becoming more demanding of time and energy. This is not an excuse, mind you. I'm still writing/editing whenever possible, but it's definitely not something to be proud of or boast about. I'm barely writing a paragraph a day as it were. I wish I could change that, but I really need to focus on classes, no matter how much I want to fix up my manuscript. My deadline is the middle of this summer and classes are over at the beginning of May. I still have time. No, this isn't me trying to justify my lack of writing. I literally have NO TIME for anything fun. Nowadays, I do art in my spare time since it's a lot faster than writing and takes my mind off of the hardships of college classes, especially Honors!

I guess what I'm trying to say is... writing is on hold for now. I know, I know. I keep changing my schedule, but really.. classes are swamping me. I have about 10 more assignments between my two courses to finish before finals week and that might seem like so few but you'd be surprised how much work I have to do during the week. I want to focus on classes, at least until I finish. Once the assignments are done ahead of schedule and I can take my time submitting them, my time will be free of that burden.

Isn't this blog just for writing? Why am I telling you guys this information? I know what you're thinking, yeah. This blog is more than that, though. I might just be writing this all for my own sake, but I hope you can understand that I don't write 24/7. I don't even write for an hour a day anymore. Wish I did, though! I'm more than my writing. So, for now, my devotion is to my classes and the occasional art piece to ease my stressed brain.

As far as life goes, it's honestly been alright for me. Surprisingly, there isn't much to report here, other than my excitement for future graduation~ I'll be getting my cap, gown, and tassel VERY SOON (probably later this week)!

This post feels like it went everywhere, and honestly that's how my mind feels right now. Apologies on my part if I sound a bit scattered. I'm running on no energy and need to sleep. So goodbye!

See you all next Sunday, little vamps!

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City

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