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#14: I Quit

Happy Sunday, little vamps and newcomers!

Welcome to my weekly blog!

First things first, happy Easter, everyone! Even if you don't celebrate religiously, I still hope you all had a nice day regardless :) I even drew some art of my characters, which you can find HERE!

And yesss the title is part of my April Fool's joke, but I just realized how stupid it might be, so please ignore it? Please?

Yeah, I know this is quite late, but I've been super busy with family stuff nearly all day, plus I've also been tired, but at least the blog resumes according to plan!

Another week, and my writing is progressing well enough (I think)? Honestly, I might've finally found a schedule that works for me, so that's good, right?


School is going good too, surprisingly. I have about 5-6 weeks left before I graduate, so I'm definitely looking forward to that! In fact, I'm happy to say that my schedule regarding school versus writing is actually WORKING so yessss!

Sorry if this blog in particular feels so informal, but it's just the way I feel right now, I guess. I'm still pretty tired and I'm about ready to read some fun stuff so.. I guess I"m a little impatient? Maybe.

There's really nothing else to report, I'm afraid. This week, I've had little-to-no mental breakdowns as far as my personal life goes actually! Everything is better than usual.

Except for my writing, of course. I'm still struggling with the rewriting process, but now that I can take my time and possibly have beta readers, I couldn't be more relieved!

Alright, I've wasted enough of everyone's time (including my own) so I'm gone! Peace!

See you all next Sunday, little vamps!

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City

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