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#12: A Balancing Act

Happy Sunday, little vamps and newcomers!

Welcome to my weekly blog!

Very recently, I've come to the realization that I've been slacking in almost every aspect of my life. I've been procrastinating and I've been willingly distracted by the internet, specifically social media.

No more.

This changes today.

First off, I'm taking a hiatus from Tumblr and Twitter (and possibly other social media sites) for the time being - probably until June at the latest. Since most of my personal/professional deadlines are in May, that just seems like the smartest route to take! I won't be completely absent, of course. I have planned posts and might still tweet about my progress with the manuscript, not to mention posting art and such! I just won't be on quite as much as I used to, for mainly two reasons.

This upcoming week is midterms for me, and it's my last semester of college, so it's super important that I take the time to study every day this week. I also have outside obligations that revolve around school as well, so that's that.

The deadline for my manuscript, The Wolfsbane Ruby, is approaching me fast, and even though I have a complete outline and plan to stick to it, the writing itself is going to be quite the challenge, and will definitely be demanding my constant attention! As it stands now, I'm going to have to edit/rewrite a chapter a day just to make it so that I can have beta readers check out portions of the manuscript.

I hope that this all makes some form of sense to you. I'm not trying to be busy and ignoring my friends, family, and everyone else on the internet. No. I just can't afford to be lazy and procrastinate anymore.

I've also taken into consideration my life events (that I'm aware of) and even those are set in stone for now. School, writing, and life... it really is a balancing act, and I hope you all understand and will continue to support me regardless of how present I am on the internet!

Thanks for reading!

See you all next Sunday, little vamps!

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City

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