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#8: Can You Feel the Pressure??

Happy Sunday, little vamps and newcomers!

Welcome to my weekly blog!

Firstly, I'm happy to announce that I've gotten over half of the manuscript for The Wolfsbane Ruby outlined! Isn't that great? And it's good that I'm able to manage my time so well, since my classes for the semester are draining me of energy left and right. I'm still on a roll, however, so that's good.

On the personal side of things, I had a lot of anxiety this week, as well as stupid family arguments.

Oh! I also read some of my oldest pieces of writing yesterday when I was bored! Big mistake...

There isn't really much else to say, actually, so I'll keep this short, sweet and simple!

See you all next Sunday, little vamps!

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City