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#7: Just Hoping at This Point

Happy Sunday, little vamps and newcomers!

Welcome to my weekly blog!

February is here, and I've got news and updates! A lot more than usual, actually! Which is why this post will be a bit longer than usual.. sorry in advance!

First off, I'm super happy to announce that I'm already over halfway done with the outline for The Wolfsbane Ruby! It's... pretty thorough so far, so I just hope that rewriting certain scenes will take me less effort than working on this reworked outline.

In fact, I've been so focused on editing and outlining all week, that I've had no time to enjoy TV (besides the show I've been binging and am now caught up on!) or even read physical books.

So. Classes begin tomorrow for me. It's my last semester at my local online community college. I only have two classes, but I'm just hoping that I can schedule enough writing time between assignments. Wish me luck! And yeah, I graduate in May! Woo!

I also have announcements when it comes to draft deadlines i.e. I now have an official deadline for my editing of The Wolfsbane Ruby! I can't release any dates because- does it really matter to the readers? not really- but I will keep everyone updating with my progress, as always.

I also might have a new website coming soon, but I can't release that at this time either since the site is not even close to being ready or open to the public but- just imagine it- a cooler official website! One with a better, easier domain! Ohhh it's comin', everybody! Just you wait!

I think that's a good place to end for now. I'm pretty sure I had more to say, but it's just been a week of talking to Inkitt, discussing events and deadlines, and OH! I forgot to mention: ROYALTIES! I feel so official (and rich)! Ok, that's it! I've wasted enough of your time already.

See you all next Sunday, little vamps!

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City