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#3: What a Rough Start

Holy Jeeze!

I almost forgot the weekly blog~

Anyway, hi there! Thanks for checking in for a new addition to this new blog. I'm still getting the hang of things but hopefully by the end of January, I'll have gotten into the habit.

Okay! So this past week, I begun the agonizing process of making an outline for my current conquest, The Wolfsbane Ruby, which - yes - is the sequel to my published novel, The Blood Diamond! Unfortunately, there were a load of distractions begging for my attention, and I almost gave in entirely (especially with the promise of Netflix!) However, I did manage to plan out the main arc(s) as well as rearranging chapters for better storytelling purposes. I hope to continue this outline - maybe add detail to the skeleton so it's a smoother journey from plan to written chapter - but we shall see! I'll keep you updated on that!

Otherwise, nothing else happened this week, besides my brainstorming to write a crossover/collab with a fellow writing friend. Personal-wise, I binged a LOT of Gossip Girl this past week (sorry not sorry) and I show no signs of stopping.

I also started reading Pride and Prejudice. Why? No reason... [starts making comparisons between Henri Sinclair and Mr. Darcy] No reason at all.

On a more serious note, though, I signed up for my spring classes - sorry, class, as in just one (for now) - which starts on the 5th of February so I'm excited and preparing for that.

And that's about it! I know that I nearly forgot to blog for this week, and my outlining was pushed to the side thanks to distractions and such, but I'm not about to give up now! This next week will be different, I can feel it. Wish me luck! See you next Sunday, little vamps!

~ Fangs & Kisses ~

RJ City